eTail Canada 2016 (past event)

16 - 19 May, 2016

Hyatt Regency Toronto, Toronto, ON

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How Canadian Retailers Are Confronting Inventory and Fulfillment Challenges

The Canadian retail landscape is constantly changing. In an omnichannel world, Canadian brands are constantly being challenged to meet their customers on whatever channel is most convenient for them, and to deliver sold goods as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, that is not always easy. This paper will assess how Canadian brands are responding to the omnichannel paradigm and what that means for their changing inventory management practices. Omni-channel retail is shaking up consumers’ expectations, making them accustomed to seamless shopping and ordering across channels and, just as importantly, expedited delivery at low costs. This poses a unique problem for Canadian retail brands. Click the banner to the left to download the paper now!

eTail Canada Director's Report

With retail eCommerce sales in Canada expected to reach C$34.04 billion in 2016, Canadian businesses are “leap-frogging” over themselves for the next phase in its evolution. Retail market leaders continue major shifts to build online commerce and transform via digital innovation. In this year’s Director’s Report, Megan Kessler, Director of eTail Canada, analyzes the forces driving retail success and innovation and discusses how the retail landscape is facing major change in 2016. Click on the image to download the report now.

Sears Canada QA

Sears Canada’s Do’s and Don’ts of Online vs. In-Store Merchandising Traditional retailers surely agree: online merchandising is an entirely different animal than the in-store bear you might be used to. While it can take weeks or months to measure merchandising trends in store, online trends manifest immediately, and therefore data must be analyzed frequently and swiftly to determine what should be put in front of consumers. Tom Maryniarczyk, Associate VP of E-Commerce Analytics and Promotions at Sears Canada, spoke to eTail about how using data to back up decisions is key to the success of online merchandising. He also pointed out how important it is to offer an easy guest checkout option and ask for as little info as possible from customers, so as to get them through that purchase door.

eTail Canada 2014 Attendee List

eTail Canada is “the one stop shop” for ecommerce and multi-channel best practices, networking and technology evaluation for Canadian retailers. To see who attended eTail Canada in 2014, simply click on the button on the left and fill out the form with your details. Participating companies include: - Canadian Tire - Etsy - Home Depot Canada - Indigo Books & Music - Lowes Canada - Lululemon Athletica - Sears Canadaa - Staples Canada - Timex Canada - Guitar Center... and many more.

eTail Canada 2016 Digital Adoption North America

Digital Adoption North America: A look at the omnichannel development of American and Canadian brands- Key Findings While both American and Canadian brands place priority on mobile targeting and in-store engagement, there is still a pronounced gap between early adopters and those on the end of the curve. A large share of Canadian and American retailers are moving towards removing data silos and adopting single markers to track customer movements in a multichannel environment. Continuing effectiveness of email may be the reason behind the  slower development of other digital channels.Click the image to download the report today

Canadian Brands' Next Steps Into Omni-Channel Retail

Canadian retail brands are constantly evolving, shifting their budgets and investments to build better strategies to connect with consumers across their increasingly non-linear paths to purchase. In 2015, brands are taking the next step in building out their omni-channel experiences to delight and convert. Produced in conjunction with OSF Global Services, Magento, and Canada Post, eTail Canada’s annual report evaluates the latest trends in omni-channel retail. This paper assesses how Canadian brands are responding to the omni-channel paradigm and what that means for their inventory management practices. It also explores how retail brands are innovating the in-store experience and leveraging digital marketing tools to develop a fuller picture of their customers and boost revenue. Click on the image at left to download this exclusive report!

State of Digital Marketing in Canadian Retail

Canadian retailers will be investing heavily in email marketing capabilities over the next year and a half. A survey of major Canadian brands found that 79% will be optimizing their email marketing, as compared to 68% of American retailers. What's more, Canadian companies are already taking better advantage of mobile optimized email than their American counterparts, with 70% of Canadians reporting they will have mobile optimized email by the end of the year as compared to 62% of Americans. See how your business measures up against some of Canada's biggest brands and learn about the following: Where retailers are spending their digital marketing budgets How retailers are using mobile marketing capabilities How company structures are adapting to the changing e-commerce landscape Click the image to download the report now

2015 Marketing Technology Predictions

By now every marketer knows that tech budgets for CMOs are forecast to outweigh that of CIOs. But what most forget is that 2015 is the year Gartner predicted this shift would be seen across enterprise and mid-market companies.The spending shake-up isn’t the only the key trend that every marketer must be aware of when it comes to technology. In this guide to key predictions for Marketing Technology in 2015, you’ll see how this may be the most pivotal year for data-driven customer experiences ever. The Sailthru 2015 Marketing Technology Predictions Guide is your go-to resource for what’s to come in the next year, and it’s a must have for any brand marketer evaluating or planning to implement new technologies. Key takeaways include:  - How industry analysts will shift  - Efficiencies to be found through holistic platforms  - The fate of “journey building”  - Which Legacy tech mine-fields will be exposed  - The future of “mass customization” Click on the banner to download!

Canada E-Commerce

We fielded more than 100 retailer surveys at our 2013 eTail Canada event in order to uncover technology spending habits from a number of verticals in Canadian online retail, including, but not limited to; apparel, sporting goods, consumer electronics, travel and hospitality, mass market retailers, as well as specialty/niche. This survey uncovers “from-the-trenches” ideas about spending by Canadian Retailers. Benchmark your external solutions against your peers; and be sure to attend our 2014 eTail Canada conference to gathering more results from your fellow retailers.

Spending Report

Check Out The Report This survey marks the first year of uncovering “from-the-trenches” ideas about technology spending for Canadian Retailers. We hope that you are able to benchmark your external solutions against your peers, and look forward to seeing you at our 2013 conference for results gathering from your fellow retailers.