eTail Canada 2016 (past event)

16 - 19 May, 2016

Hyatt Regency Toronto, Toronto, ON

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May 18. 2016

08:10 - 08:50 For All Attendees

Home-stretch! Start the last day of eTail Canada right with breakfast and networking.

08:50 - 08:55 Welcome Remarks

Megan Kessler, Director,eTail Canada

Megan Kessler

eTail Canada

08:55 - 09:20 Mastering Consumer-Centric Marketing

James Smith, EVP, Americas,Criteo
Today’s consumers research, browse and buy across multiple devices, and demand an engaging experience at every touchpoint. Marketers must deliver personalized experiences to stay relevant at every point in the buying journey to maximize on sales. This session, based on an analysis of shopping data from Q4 2015, and led by Criteo’s EVP of Americas, James Smith, will explore what consumer behavior looks like globally and locally, revealing three key strategies to master consumer-centric marketing.

James Smith

EVP, Americas

09:20 - 10:00 The Important ‘Click’ That Transforms Into $ales

Enrico Del Grande, Head of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing,Fruits & Passion
Last September Fruits & Passion launched its brand new website and has been over performing since in most key metrics in its industry. The key: the power of that ever important “click”! And it is essential that these clicks transform themselves into sales and satisfied customers. During this session, Enrico will share with you:
• How to effectively display your product catalog on your site?
• What are your customers looking for?
• What functions are worth implementing?
• How to make life easier for your clients?

Enrico Del Grande

Head of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing
Fruits & Passion

Images, photos, blogs are flooding the internet from your customers—and they’re talking about your business! Since they’re a fan of you, show them some recognition (they love the re-grams!); borrow their content and enhance your SEO. By showcasing different perspectives, you can speak to different types of customers. The experts on this panel share their tips to:
• Establishing enterprise-wide best practices for your brand—what rules and links are essential to your SEO plan
• Building fresh and relevant content for SEO optimization
• Curating your brand’s products to ensure your product is relevant in the targeted shoppers’ search
• Creating valuable and shareable content for search engines to rank with essential, relevant keywords
• Incorporating keywords in social and brand content to make your webpage rank higher than your competitors

Timothy Faught



Leah Telfer

eCommerce Merchandise & Customer Experience Manager
Babies R Us


Sufi Khan Sulaiman

Director, eCommerce & Digital
FLIR Systems


Shalina Sayani

Digital Marketing Manager
Lowe’s Companies Canada

10:30 - 11:10 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

11:10 - 11:30 Building High Performance Client Relationships In The 21st Century

Milton Pedraza, CEO,Luxury Institute
Brands are under pressure from many macro and micro-economic factors. Many are taking the high road by redefining the client experience and transforming themselves from passive transactions to full-fledged client relationship builders. Has your brand begun its transformation? Milton Pedraza, a client-relationship building expert, leads this session in which you:
• Learn what Baby-Boomers, Generation-Xers, and Millennials require and expect from brands well beyond great products and in terms of client relationship building
• Understand how to redefine the relationship culture of in-store and call center brand ambassadors, and what you need to do to help them succeed and flourish
• Discover how to make your new client experience consistent across people, channels and client segments

Milton Pedraza

Luxury Institute

11:30 - 11:50 The Challenge Ahead In Omni-Channel Evolution

Tara Conway, Director of eCommerce,Toys R Us Canada
Toys”R”Us has been a leader in the omni-channel evolution, pushing the boundaries of how to leverage the Stores to drive ecommerce growth with same-day fulfillment and taking the technology that supports it’s commerce platform and putting it into the hands of their Store associates to raise the in-store shopping experience to a new level. But there are many challenges that Canadian retailers will face in the upcoming 18 months that need to be taken seriously if we want to continue to drive growth and compete in a Global environment.

• Impact of logistics challenges and how new competitors are over-coming to support cross-border sales and fulfillment
• Mobile continues to grow at a lower profitability – how to leverage the visitors to the mobile experience to support bricks and mortar sales growth
• Localization will become key in a competitive marketplace, what are the big data tools to drive local insights and messaging
• Future role of stores

Tara Conway

Director of eCommerce
Toys R Us Canada

Your role in the retail environment has changed: you need to use your left and right brain, balance art and science, and be a creative while also being a scientist. And let’s not forget, you need to sell your product, with top customer service. The executives on this panel explore how they have adjusted their mindsets internally to enable the marketer to be a data scientist by:
• Forgetting the pretty: conducting A/B testing to understand what online content is grabbing users’ attention
• How personal is too personal? Straddling the “creepy yet accurate” line of curated selling based on CRM
• Attribution marketing models: planning your best plan of attack and breaking down information to relay to teams to push suggested products
• Experimenting with blending of content and commerce—your content moving customers around the site to discover more product

Richard Sejean

eCommerce Director
Brown's Shoes


Kristen Johnson

Digital Content Manager


Lauren Steinberg

Director, Marketing
Loblaw Digital


Neel Banerjee

Senior Product Manager
Urban Airship


Greg Haslam

Director Business Development

12:20 - 13:20 For All Attendees

Try to sit with someone you don’t know!

Track A: Endless Opportunities For The Endless Aisle

13:20 - 13:45 Re-Inventing Bundling For The Future of eTail Dr. Ahmed Doha, Asst. Professor Supply Chain Management,Sprott Business School & Institute ,Carleton University
Bundling products and services has been widely practiced in e-tail and retail settings with the hope of increasing sales volume and speed. However, empirical evidence suggests that traditional bundling is not as effective in leading to such benefits. During this session, Dr. Doha will set your organization on a path of marketing success by showing you
• Current best practices in bundling products and services
• Why traditional bundling does not and will not work as effectively
• Novel bundling methods and practices to boost marketing and sales performance


Dr. Ahmed Doha

Asst. Professor Supply Chain Management,Sprott Business School & Institute
Carleton University

Track B: Thriving In The Age Of The Social Customer

13:20 - 13:45 Connect. Communicate. Capitalize: Maximizing Revenue By Connecting Visual Content To Commerce Deb Berman, Enterprise Brand Strategist,Curalate

Executive Presentation By Curalate.

Consumer behavior is rapidly changing. With 2.6 billion images shared daily, discovery is constant, desire is instant. And images don’t just inspire. They sell. The Curalate Visual Commerce Platform connects visual content to commerce throughout the customer journey to drive awareness, engagement, and conversions. See why nearly 800 of the most loved brands love Curalate.


Deb Berman

Enterprise Brand Strategist

Track A: Endless Opportunities For The Endless Aisle

13:45 - 14:05 Actively Managing Your Affiliate Network To Drive Profitable Growth Elissa Dancziger, E-Commerce Marketing Manager,Groupe Dynamite
As part of its overall eCommerce acquisition strategy, Groupe Dynamite has developed two distinct Affiliate channels for both their Garage and Dynamite brands. In separate stages of development, these active programs are responsible for driving low cost / high yield results and creating brand awareness. With the right care and attention, your affiliate channel can become an amazing brand ambassador while acting as a true revenue driver. In this session, Elissa discusses:
• Recruiting new affiliates to grow your network base
• Accessing their intrinsic value as profit centers
• Growing revenue through active partner relationships
• Branching out beyond deal sites: growth in non-discount models and attracting non-deal sites to your network
• Commission level structures and payout strategies


Elissa Dancziger

E-Commerce Marketing Manager
Groupe Dynamite

Track B: Thriving In The Age Of The Social Customer

13:45 - 14:05 Capitalizing On C2C Marketing For Content Success Colleen Rodericks, Head of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing,Lastman's Bad Boy
Each phase in your life affects how you live, where you live and what you buy. Think of all the big milestones in your life: going to school, getting a job, getting married, buying a place, having a baby, selling your home, putting your kids through school and downsizing.

For each life event, you buy products that suit your current lifestyle. But when it comes to making a large purchase like an appliance, furniture or electronics, that’s when your detective hat comes out ̶ researching all the details from make, model, price and overall customer satisfaction scores…so what happens when you find the right product, get a great price, but you see a whole wack of poor reviews on that retailer? Colleen Rodericks explains how to turn positives into negatives and boost your sales:
• How poor reviews affect your sales, but how to use poor reviews to your advantage
• Which platforms to use acquire customer reviews (good or bad)
• How reviews driver your SEO and enables you to acquire new customers easier
• Marketing your customers voice to create powerful content
• Adding credibility to your brand and increase your AOV

Colleen Rodericks

Head of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing
Lastman's Bad Boy

Track A: Endless Opportunities For The Endless Aisle

14:05 - 14:35 Panel Discussion: A/B Critical: Taking Tests To Results Shawn Watt, Senior Manager, eCommerce Performance,Kobo Inc. Rob Long, Director, eCommerce and Marketing,EyeBuyDirect Omair Haque, Sr. Manager, Omni Channel Analytics,The Home Depot Canada
A/B testing allows you to gain insight to your customers and what they want from your online experience. Not all tests will be winners and they may not have as big of an impact as you hoped. Not all of your winning features may win when they’re put all together, but A/B testing is critical to maximize the potential of the experience your site delivers to customers and its return back to you. Executives discuss:
• Putting yourself in the customers’ shoes: testing one feature at a time to improve the buying journey
• Playing with variations based on traffic your site receives
• Running the tests for a week and analyzing different traffic patterns, and ensuring bounce rates are low
• Focusing on micro-conversions to achieve macro-goals: small wins that pay big dividends

Shawn Watt

Senior Manager, eCommerce Performance
Kobo Inc.


Rob Long

Director, eCommerce and Marketing


Omair Haque

Sr. Manager, Omni Channel Analytics
The Home Depot Canada

The game has changed for marketers: customers are dictating creative content plans. Brands need to craft their social marketing through the customer perspective to have meaningful interactions. By building relationships through experiential content, brands can enhance their CRM efforts, and uncover what the customer wants to drive sales. When editorializing social content to “speak” like their customer, they entertain and educates. The leaders on this panel discuss:
• Video: shoppable content to immerse the buyer into your brand’s lifestyle
• Blogging: curating content that is to the point, relevant, and promotes need-to-have products
• Using social to engage with 1:1 messaging—how personal is too personal?
• Tools used to optimize and boost social commerce

Jose Gonzalez

Director Of Digital Marketing


Ekaterina Dobrokhotova

Consumer Engagement Manager


Erin McKeever

Digital Communications Strategist


Jennifer Patterson

Online Content Manager
Addition Elle

Track A: Endless Opportunities For The Endless Aisle

14:35 - 14:55 Creating A Successful And Profitable Marketplace Sales Channel For Your Online Business Alex Tan, eCommerce Professional,Guest Speaker
During this session, Alex Tan shares experiences of running the marketplace division for one of the largest consumer electronic retailer in Canada, and how marketplaces can help other retailers alike to increase sales, acquire more customers and gain access to international markets.
• The pros and cons of selling on amazon and eBay for your business
• Which marketplace should you start first? eBay, Amazon, or Etsy?
• Should you sell to the US and the EU? And how to save shipping cost on cross border shipments

Alex Tan

eCommerce Professional
Guest Speaker

Track B: Thriving In The Age Of The Social Customer

14:35 - 14:55 Measuring The Effectiveness Of Your Social Media Efforts Ammar Khan, Social Media Manager,Ford Motor Company of Canada
Ford has been Canada’s bestselling automotive brand for seven years in a row and over the past five years, social media and content marketing have become an important and effective component of the marketing and communications mix. This session will outline the variety of ways that Ford of Canada measures it’s social media successes.
• Learn how to measure your brands ability to impact favorable opinion and likelihood to buy via social media
• Gain key insights into the value of social media data and how it can improve the quality of your social media engagement
• Learn how effective your brand social media is versus competitor efforts.

Ammar Khan

Social Media Manager
Ford Motor Company of Canada

14:55 - 15:35 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

Who doesn’t love Toronto’s local Mill Street Brewery? Grab a micro-brew and enjoy the last but if networking.

15:35 - 16:30 Interactive Roundtable Working Groups

These interactive sessions are your opportunity to ask personal Q & A from the presentations and network in a relaxed setting.

1. Mastering Consumer-Centric Marketing
James Smith, EVP Americas, Criteo

2. Actively Managing Your Affiliate Network To Drive Profitable Growth
Elissa Dancziger, eCommerce Marketing Manager, Groupe Dynamite

3. Creating A Successful And Profitable Marketplace Sales Channel For Your Online Business
Alex Tan, eCommece expert

4. Capitalizing On C2C Marketing For Content Success
Colleen Rodericks, Head of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, Lastman's Bad Boy

5. Measuring The Effectiveness Of Your Social Media Efforts
Ammar Khan, Social Media Manager, Ford Motor Company Canada

6. Re-Inventing Bundling For The Future of eTail
Ahmed Doha Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

7. Attaining Profitability: Paths To Boost Margins
Allison Enright, Editor, Internet Retailer Magazine

8. Considerations For Omni-Channel Success
Jaylone Lee, eCommerce Manager, BESTSELLER
Patrick Suter, eCommerce Team Lead, BESTSELLER

16:30 - 23:59 End Of Day Three

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