eTail Canada 2016 (past event)

16 - 19 May, 2016

Hyatt Regency Toronto, Toronto, ON

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May 17. 2016

08:10 - 08:50 For All Attendees

You know what they say about breakfast—most important meal of the day, so don’t miss it!

08:50 - 08:55 Welcome Remarks

Megan Kessler, Director,eTail Canada
Megan Kessler, Event Director, eTail Canada 2016

Megan Kessler

eTail Canada

08:55 - 09:10 Chairperson’s Opening Address

Salim Maherali, Managing Director,Adobe Canada
Megan Kessler, Event Director, eTail Canada 2016

Salim Maherali

Managing Director
Adobe Canada

09:10 - 09:30 Finding Your Fire: Building Brands And Transforming Industries

Nancy Richardson, CMO,Clearly
To be a true leader and create a booming brand, you need to find your fire. Nancy Richardson lives to build strong, thriving teams and global, multi-channel strategies. Nancy discusses how to flip your thinking on its head and develop purpose-driven brands and going beyond the product:
• The importance of building into a vision and assessing risk of incremental enhancements
o Developing your vision
o Working backwards to today
• What is a BHAG and why every company needs one
o What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail?
o If it scares you, you’re on the right track
• Why you need to rapidly develop high performing teams
o Promotion Compensation philosophy
o Function Leadership Training
o Team Development Model


Nancy Richardson


09:30 - 09:50 Is The Price Right? The Science Behind In Effective Delivery Pricing Strategy.

Jennifer Mach, Manager, Market Analysis & Strategy,Canada Post
With a clear channel shift leading Canadians to shop online in record numbers and with far greater frequency, merchants must design the optimal delivery pricing strategy to drive conversion and build customer loyalty. From flat or tiered fees, to free delivery with a minimum purchase, it is essential to anticipate and respond to your shoppers’ expectations. New market-leading research from Canada Post can help merchants optimize for conversion and basket growth through shipping. Attending this session will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current delivery pricing strategies against rapidly changing market and shopper demands.

Jennifer will dive deep into key research findings to answer essentials questions:
• Are shoppers willing to pay more for shipping than you think?
• Are your thresholds for free shipping too low, leading to missed sales opportunities?
• Do expectations differ by product and shopper segments?
• How do Canadians’ expectations change when they purchase from US-based merchants?


Jennifer Mach

Manager, Market Analysis & Strategy
Canada Post

09:50 - 10:10 L’Oréal Canada: From Product Driven To Total Consumer Experience

Martin Aubut, Director Interactive Marketing & e.Business Intelligence,L'Oréal Canada
In the last 4 years, L’Oréal Canada has been transforming their organisation at the core, toward the reach of consumer satisfaction in the digital age. The way consumers purchase beauty has been drastically change from media fragmentation, device agnostic, power of content and social media. The request for personalisation and be present where consumers are ready to buy like ecommerce channel is now part of daily business. Those market pressure force L’Oréal to rethink the way they do business and interact with consumers. Since the creation of Digital team in 2011, L’Oréal Canada as now 12 e-commerce sites, maturity into e-retail and distribute CPD brands into Amazon and other pure players. SMART Data is now at the core of the organisation decision and drivers of consumers’ personalisation and loyalty. This session will give the necessary insight to guide your digital transformation.

• Understand the 3 stage of digital transformation from foundation, transformation and acceleration
• Key transformation drivers for growth, and measuring success
• From e-commerce to commerce and e-marketing to marketing

Martin Aubut

Director Interactive Marketing & e.Business Intelligence
L'Oréal Canada

10:10 - 10:30 How Trust Drives eCommerce Differentiation And Conversions

Landon Borup, Trust Strategist & Web Security Advocate,Symantec
Consumer trust in your website and brand can either make or break your business. When trust is strategically established at the right moments during the customer experience, it increases eCommerce traffic, reduces shopping cart abandonment and drives more conversions. Ignored, it might cost you, your brand and your business. Discover:
• When trust can differentiate your brand and validate your website
• How successful brands leverage trust to elevate traffic, interactions and site stickiness
• Why your company’s leaders will thank you for advocating best practices that inspire trust
• Which best practices and tools can project trust throughout the customer experience

Landon Borup

Trust Strategist & Web Security Advocate

10:30 - 11:10 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

Take this time to explore the latest solutions that will transform your business!

11:10 - 11:30 The Emergence Of The Chief Digital Officer

Gabriel Santamaria, Manager, Enterprise Systems Administrator,Bentley Group
As your company continues to invest to be more digital, a company’s digital strategy and its overall corporate strategy need to be one and the same. Digital marketing and technology is now the foundation for connecting and communicating with customers. During this session, Gabriel discusses how he has seen the role of the Chief Digital Officer remove; join him to learn:
· What sparked the need for a CDO in recent times?
· What the CDO’s role in the enterprise is, and the value they bring to an organization’s digital transformation
· How does a CDO collaborate between the CMO and CIO (non-competingly)
· The added value to the CEO

Gabriel Santamaria

Manager, Enterprise Systems Administrator
Bentley Group

11:30 - 12:00 CMO Panel Discussion: Evolving The Role To Build Cross-Channel Collaboration

Stephanie Bleau, CMO,Bentley Leathers Inc. Nicolas Gaudreau, CMO,Groupe Dynamite
With technology shaping brands’ marketing plan, the world of the CMO has been drastically effected. There is now a need to understand and adapt to eCommerce/digital strategies so it may boost business growth. The CMOs on this panel are doing just this, and leading their brands to engage with customers in a more connective way by:
• Managing enterprise-wide marketing strategies leading to eCommerce sales
• Understanding the customer: utilizing technology to allow accurate data flows for a holistic view of the customer
• Curating and innovating experiences based on customer data
• Evaluating technology partners: what are the need to haves, and nice to haves
• Executing a global digital marketing strategy, getting stakeholder buy-in

Stephanie Bleau

Bentley Leathers Inc.


Nicolas Gaudreau

Groupe Dynamite

Lunch In The King Street Social Restaurant

12:00 - 13:00 For All Attendees
Bon appétit! Seating is available throughout the restaurant.

Private Lunch Hosted By Adobe Canada

12:00 - 13:00 By Invitation Only
To attend this lunch, email

Track A: Mobilizing Brick And Mortar

13:00 - 13:10 Chairperson’s Afternoon Welcome Johnny Russo, AVP of Digital Marketing and eCommerce,Mark`s

Johnny Russo

AVP of Digital Marketing and eCommerce

Track B: Data-Driven Decisions For Digital Marketing

13:00 - 13:10 Chairperson’s Afternoon Welcome Gabriel Coelho-Kostolny, Director of Product Management,Instart Logic

Gabriel Coelho-Kostolny

Director of Product Management
Instart Logic

Track A: Mobilizing Brick And Mortar

13:10 - 13:20 Capturing A highly Engaged Audience Of Purchase Intenders Jon Vassallo, Head of Direct Sales,Kijiji Advertising
16.7 million Canadians don’t go to Kijiji searching for secondhand or refurbished goods…they’re looking for great deals! In this session, Jon presents an exclusive sneak peek into Kijiji’s newest performance advertising platform, Admarkt. Admarkt allows businesses to integrate their relevant, targeted listings directly into the organic feed, capturing a highly engaged audience of purchase intenders. Learn how to engage deeply with your customers, grow sales, and drive more traffic to your business.

Jon Vassallo

Head of Direct Sales
Kijiji Advertising

Track B: Data-Driven Decisions For Digital Marketing

13:10 - 13:20 The Epidemic Of Web Page Obesity—And Why It's Not All Bad Gabriel Coelho-Kostolny, Director of Product Management,Instart Logic

Learn how web performance impacts your business and brand experience as you innovate to meet your customers demands. Everything you don't know about mobile performance might be slowing you down. It's possible to have your 'heavy' website and still be fast.


Gabriel Coelho-Kostolny

Director of Product Management
Instart Logic

Track A: Mobilizing Brick And Mortar

13:20 - 13:40 Transforming The Shopping Experience With Mobile Tech Shaeleigh Afton, Digital Marketing Manager,Gotstyle Menswear
Last year Gotstyle launched their innovative mobile app and loyalty program with one question in mind, how can they make customers lives easier? Since launching in October 2014 their mobile app has allowed Gotstyle to be the first retailer in North America with wallet-less technology (mobile pay), and a tag based system that turns customers “likes” into a more personalized shopping experience. During this 20 minute keynote Shaeleigh teaches you:
• How mobile technology can transform your customer service experience
• Gain insights on how mobile apps will help you to personalize your customers shopping experience
• Master the learning curve: Tips on introducing new technology to your staff

Shaeleigh Afton

Digital Marketing Manager
Gotstyle Menswear

Track B: Data-Driven Decisions For Digital Marketing

13:20 - 13:40 Captivating the Consumer: The Recipe for Excellent Content Gianna Caucci, eCommerce Manager,LEF Industries
When your customer visits your website, you want to wow at inception to draw them into your brand’s world. There has been incredible advancement in the way of visual tools and content that excite and captivate the customer. Learn from Gianna ways you can educate and entertain the customer throughout their webpage visit, such as:
• Leveraging content to achieve multiple eCommerce goals
• Bridging the communication gap between management and content creators
• Steps for delivering a clear and engaging message
• Examining ways to connect with consumers and evoke an emotional response without face-to-face interaction


Gianna Caucci

eCommerce Manager
LEF Industries

Track A: Mobilizing Brick And Mortar

13:40 - 14:00 PeopleShock: How Robots Can Help Your Staff Deliver Better Customer Experiences Tema Frank, Chief Instigator,Frank Reactions
Robots have moved beyond the factory floor and, thanks to massive advances in artificial intelligence, they are even taking over roles in jobs we used to think needed the human touch, like customer service. How will this affect your business? Digital marketing and customer experience pioneer, Tema Frank, will discuss:
• How robots can help you improve customer experiences while lowering costs
• What things should you not try to automate? What roles are best left for humans?
• Issues to consider in getting employee buy-in for automation efforts


Tema Frank

Chief Instigator
Frank Reactions

Track B: Data-Driven Decisions For Digital Marketing

13:40 - 14:00 5 Underutilized Strategies In eCommerce Digital Marketing Denis Coombes, Director,ROI Revolution Alison French, Senior e-Commerce Manager,DJO Global

The ecommerce marketing landscape changes constantly. Early adopters innovate and gain competitive advantage, while stagnant merchants are left to ask themselves “what did they know that I didn’t?” This session is designed to answer the question: “What digital marketing developments are giving retailers the biggest lifts, yet remain unexploited by most merchants?”
• 5 cutting edge strategies for top ecommerce advertising platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and Google Shopping
• Three questions to determine if your store can exploit the new Amazon Marketplace targeting options
• The strangely under-used tactic to boost free SEO traffic to your online store


Denis Coombes

ROI Revolution

Alison French

Senior e-Commerce Manager
DJO Global

In the Canadian marketplace, the store is not dead—it just needs to be revitalized. The savvy, information equipped customer enjoys buying at the store, but they’re pre-shopping online. Thus, the role of the store and its associates are can enhance omni-channel. The experts on this panel are re-imaging the store by:
• Reinforcing your brand with store consultants to ensure they effectively represent the brand and are equipped with brand knowledge via mobile tech
• Ensuring sales consultants will place an order in-store via web when products are not available
• Training sales consultants to have a more effective method for collecting CRM data, and are conversely empowered with CRM data to help in-store sales
• Incentivizing and rewarding in-store associates for their omni-efforts


Amy Woolf

Digital Marketing Manager
cabelas canada


Paige Malling

Director of Marketing and eCommerce


Asif Khan

Location Based Marketing Association


Andre James

Director of eCommerce
Carrier Enterprise

Track B: Data-Driven Decisions For Digital Marketing

14:00 - 14:30 Panel Discussion: Search Vs. Display Advertising: Which Influences The Customer More? Peter Watanabe, Director, Marketing and eCommerce,Staples Canada Shem Szot, VP Marketing, Sales & eCommerce,StickerYou Nurullo Makhmudov, Director of eCommerce,The Shopping Channel
It’s no secret—brands love online advertising….but not all online advertising is the same, and with new ad-blocking technology, you must be vigilant in measurement as you build your attribution models. The experts on this panel share their cases as to what they see works best in grabbing the awareness of customers:
• Search: keywords needed to drive the purchase decision
o How to be specific but not too narrowly focused
• Display: following the customer down the funnel as they discover
o How long is too long to chase the sale?
• Measuring success: setting up KPIs to have fluid attribution modeling
• Adding instant-buy features on ads to convert the customer with fewer clicks
• Which method brands find to have the most long-term success, and bang for your buck

Peter Watanabe

Director, Marketing and eCommerce
Staples Canada


Shem Szot

VP Marketing, Sales & eCommerce


Nurullo Makhmudov

Director of eCommerce
The Shopping Channel

Track A: Mobilizing Brick And Mortar

14:30 - 14:50 Re-Targeting To Boost Relationships With Your Customer John Panighel, CRM and Digital Marketing Manager,Adidas Group
adidas is a global sports and lifestyle brand always looking ahead to the future while remembering the past. In 2015 adidas boosted its partnerships with sports teams, sporting events & collaborations with celebrities and musicians. This in turn has created a huge growth in online traffic to Remarketing is a key tactic in the adidas playbook to convert this traffic growth to customers. In this session, John will guide you to:
• Learn how create custom audiences for targeted social marketing buys
• Segment past visitors for more efficient paid search bidding
• Leverage CRM data to communicate directly to your customers through different mediums

John Panighel

CRM and Digital Marketing Manager
Adidas Group

Track B: Data-Driven Decisions For Digital Marketing

14:30 - 14:50 Maximizing Marketing Analytics: Building Audiences And Calculated Metrics Ahmed Elemam, Senior Digital Marketer,WestJet
It goes without saying, it’s important to know what you are measuring; brands must have calculated metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. When optimizing large SEM Campaigns, know which analytics need to be on your quick view dashboard to be nimble and agile. Join Ahmed Elemam as he delivers tips and tricks for efficient campaign management, while also weeding out inefficiencies:
• Customize your Analytics to your company’s needs
• Find quick wins using analytics to optimize your Digital Marketing
• Create easy to read dashboards to get company-wide adoption of your digital tools

Ahmed Elemam

Senior Digital Marketer

14:50 - 15:30 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break In The Solutions Zone

You snooze, you grab some coffee! Trust us, you don’t want to miss the guest speakers.

15:30 - 16:30 Interactive Roundtable Working Groups

These interactive sessions are your opportunity to ask personal Q & A from the presentations and network in a relaxed setting.

1. Developing Geotargeting Marketing Programs For Mobile Applications
Shaeleigh Afton, Digital Marketing Manager, GOTSTYLE: The Menswear Store

2. Is The Price Right? The Science Behind An Effective Delivery Pricing Strategy.
Jennifer Mach, Manager, Market Analysis & Strategy, Canada Post

3. PeopleShock: How Robots Can Help Your Staff Deliver Better Customer Experiences
Tema Frank, Customer Experience Author and Radio Host of Frank Reactions

4. How Trust Drives eCommerce Differentiation And Conversions
Landon Borup, Trust Strategist & Web Security Advocate, Symantec

5. Captivating The Consumer: The Recipe for Excellent Content
Gianna Caucci, eCommerce Manager, LEF Industries

6. 5 Underutilized Strategies In eCommerce Digital Marketing
Denis Coombes, Director, ROI Revolution
Alison French, Senior e-Commerce Manager, DJO Global

7. Maximizing Marketing Analytics: Building Audiences And Calculated Metrics
Ahmed Elemam, Senior Digital Marketer, WestJet

8. Re-Targeting To Boost Relationships With Your Customer
John Panighel, CRM & Digital Marketing Manager, adidas-Group Canada

16:30 - 17:00 Building On The Promise: Helping eCommerce Thrive In Canada

David Sweet, Member of Parliament,Flamborough-Glanbrook
In 2012, the Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology released a report titled “E-Commerce: Pursuing the Promise”—which was based on the testimony of almost three dozen leading Canadian experts in the field and research done by the Committee and Industry Canada.

The report took stock of the state of eCommerce in Canada, the role the Government of Canada could play in helping the industry flourish, ensuring Canadians from coast-to-coast would have access to these opportunities, ensuring consumers are protected and that the federal government helped, not hindered, entrepreneurs in seizing the moment.

MP Sweet will review federal initiatives related to and since his Committee’s report, how it fits with Canada’s digital strategy and what the future holds.

David Sweet

Member of Parliament

17:00 - 18:00 Burgers And Beer Hall!

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18:00 - 23:59 End Of Day Two

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